<2024 Fall International Admission Guide for International Students>


  • Part I : Introduction of IGSE English Education Program
  • Part II : Application/Tuition/Scholarship
  • Part III : VISA Application
  • Part IV : Download Forms and Samples

Part I : Introduction of IGSE English Education Program

Admission Quota

Major No. of Students Others
ELT Materials Development

Application Schedules

Procedures Dates Others

July 8(Mon), 2024 ~ July 17(Wed), 2024


July 20(Sat), 2024

1. English Education Department Major

  • - TESOL
  • - ELT Materials Development

The English Education Department at IGSE offers one of the best MA TESOL and ELT materials development programs in the world. The IGSE curriculum is designed to train professionals who can play a pivotal role in English language education. To achieve this goal, IGSE offers practical courses that provide students with content knowledge and skills in both English language teaching and ELT content development.

  • Secondary & Adult English Language Teaching
  • Educational Drama
  • Researcher
  • Books & Curriculum Development
  • Digital Contents Development

2. Requirements to receive the MA degree

  • - Required credits: 30 (4 semesters for 2 years)
  • - Average GPA: 3.0 or above
  • - MA thesis/project or pass the comprehensive exam

3. IGSE Curriculum

To see our curriculum, click the links below.

Part II : Application/Tuition/Scholarship

Overview of the Application Process

Process Admission Application
Step 1
Upload your documents to online application website.

- Application form (Attached Form 1)

- Statement of Purpose (Attached Form 2)

- Passport

- English Test Score

- BA Graduation Certificate

- BA Transcript

- Financial Statement (20,000,000 KRW)

※ 20 million KRW or an equivalent amount in foreign currency.

※ Please prepare two original copies of BA Graduation Certificate, BA Transcript, and financial statement.

* 1 copy for IGSE admission

* 1 copy for visa application

Step 2
IGSE will contact you and arrange online interview(Zoom)

- Interview will be evaluating your study plan, experience,
future plan, and English level, etc.

Step 3
Notice of Success
IGSE will let you know the admission results

- IGSE will send you notice with tuition fee payment information.

You need to pay the tuition fee.

You need to send all the original application documents to IGSE.
- Address: International Graduate School of Language Education Admission Office, Hyuck-je BLD, 89 Yangjae-daero 81-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, 05407, South Korea
- Contact Information: +82-2-6477-5114

⇨ Here, you’ve completed your admission application process.

※ You can submit an original English Test Score of the four test score reports below. (TOEFL 530(CBT 197, iBT 71), IELTS 6.0, CEFR B2, TEPS 600)

1. Eligibility Requirements for non-Korean citizens

  • - Bachelor’s degrees (in any major field of are eligible)
  • - IELTS 6.0 or above (or Nationality of English-speaking countries)

2. Online Application for Foreign Applicants

▶ Click here

3. Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee Entrance Fee Tuition Others
500,000 KRW 5,673,000 KRW


- 35% of Tuition Fee Global Scholarship
The amount to be paid 500,000 KRW 3,700,000 KRW Entrance Fee is only for the 1st semester

4. Scholarship

▶ Global Scholarship

  • - For Whom: All foreign students
  • - Scholarship: 35% of tuition for 4 semesters

▶ Academic Achievement Scholarship

  • - For Whom: All IGSE students
  • - Each semester, grade scholarships are awarded according to grades as follows.
  • - To be eligible, students need to take at least 6 credits
Grade Scholarship
Top 10% 1,200,000KRW
Top 20% 700,000KRW
Top 50% 300,000KRW

Part III : VISA Application

Visa Application

Process Visa Application
Step 1
IGSE send documents

IGSE send you three documents

- Admission Certificate

- IGSE business registration certificate

- Receipt of Tuition Fee Payment

Please schedule an interview at the Korean embassy or
consulate in your country to apply for your visa..
Step 2
Applicants need to
prepare documents

You need to prepare documents to apply for your visa.

  • - Visa issuance application form
  • - Copy of Passport
  • - Photo
  • - BA Graduation Certificate
  • - BA Transcript
  • - English Test Score
  • - Financial Statement (20,000,000 KRW)
    ※ 20 million KRW or an equivalent amount in foreign currency
  • - Admission Certificate
  • - IGSE business registration certificate
    Receipt of Tuition Fee Payment

Prepare these documents in advance
(All the necessary forms are attached)

Step 3
VISA approval
When you receive the result of your visa interview,
you need to let IGSE know.
Visit the Korean Embassy and receive your visa.
Step 4
Airplane ticket
and housing
You need to buy an airplane ticket
and arrange your housing.
Visit the Korean Embassy and receive your visa.
Step 5
Arrival in Korea
You arrive in Seoul, Korea

5. Required Documents for Visa Application

  • ① Visa Application Form (Attached Form 3)
  • ② 1 Copy of passport
  • ③ 1 photo
  • ④ BA original graduation certificate and transcript confirmed by a Korean Embassy or Consulate.
  • ⑤ English Test Score (Applicants from non-English speaking countries)
  • ⑥ A document proving financial ability (bank statement of $20,000)
  • ⑦ Documents proving family relationship (if parent’s bank statement is submitted)
  • ⑧ IGSE Admission Certificate
  • ⑨ IGSE Business Registration Certificate
  • ⑩ Receipt of tuition fee payment

※ IGSE provides successful candidates with the document ⑧ ⑨ ⑩.

6. Housing

IGSE does not have dormitories. However, we do provide information and support for students to find a house near our campus so that they can settle in Korea.

7. International Student Support Center

Part IV : Download Forms and Samples

  • Download Form 1 Application Form
  • Download Form 2 Statement of Purpose
  • Download Form 3 VISA Application Form
  • Download Sample Application Documents
  • Download Sample VISA Application Documents
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