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The Department of English Education offers a Master of Arts in TESOL and/or ELT materials development as it offers two majors. The TESOL program is for teachers and others who are interested in English language teaching. The aim of the program is to produce English teaching professionals who not only are experts in teaching but also can conduct research and classroom-based investigations. The aim of ELT materials development program is to produce ELT professionals who are equipped with the theory and practice in the development of ELT textbooks, digital contents, and ELT programs. Students will learn how to analyze and evaluate existing ELT textbooks, digital contents, and second language programs. Students will have opportunities to plan and develop their own ELT textbooks, contents, and programs and learn how to use their products in field of ELT.

Program objectives


To provide training in various theoretical aspects of English teaching and second language acquisition so that graduates will have the fundamental knowledge needed to be competent English teachers and English education professionals.

To advance one’s knowledge and skills of English language teaching through professional development initiatives.

  • ELT Contents Development

To foster ELT experts who can combine theory and practice in the development of ELT textbooks, digital contents, and ELT programs.

To cultivate ELT planners and authors by teaching the overall process of planning, writing, editing, developing, distributing, and utilizing ELT textbooks and digital contents through professional, practical courses.

To cultivate ELT program developers and managers by teaching the overall process of planning, development, operation, and evaluation of ELT programs through professional, practical courses.

  • Korean Language and Culture

To learn the Korean language and culture

To learn about Korean history and society

To become a global citizen with multicultural experience

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