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Our program aims to cultivate Korean language education experts who can promote Korean language and culture to the world with the motto of "expert in Korean language education who is proficient in Korean." Korean native speakers take Korean language education courses that allow them to obtain the Korean Language Teacher Certificate (Level 2), a national qualification in the field of Korean language education, by acquiring excellent Korean language skills, specialized knowledge in Korean language education, and practical skills in educational settings. Foreign students, in addition to the Korean language education courses, take Korean immersion courses, which consist of Korean language, culture, and translation courses, to enhance their Korean language comprehension, expression, and cross-cultural competence.

Program objectives

This program aims to foster Korean language professionals who can promote Korean language and culture to the world through excellent Korean language skills, specialized knowledge and techniques related to Korean language education, and effective communication skills. The curriculum combines immersive Korean language courses designed to enhance advanced Korean language proficiency with specialized courses in Korean language education that enable students to obtain a Korean language teaching certification. The ultimate goal is to produce Korean language professionals, teachers, and researchers with exceptional Korean language proficiency.

- Advanced development of Korean language proficiency

- Acquisition of specialized knowledge in Korean language education

- Field-centered learning to enhance practicality and applicability

- Cultivation of creative skills required in various Korean language usage domains

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